Carsharing in Russia

Have you ever thought of being a car owner on demand? No insurance, no repair, no headache of parking. Sounds fantastic, but it is not a fantasy. This is car sharing - a new trend in the world , where the quantity of manufactured cas has already exceeded the number of the sold ones. The willingness to save money from one hand and the intention to stay opposite the culture of consumption from another made people to manifest another approach to the idea of property. The idea of being less materialistic but still to live in convenient conditions corresponds to the the zeitgeist and offers new possibilities.

What is car sharing? It is a short term rental of a car, often by the hour. This model of car renting is very attractive to those who need vehicles from time to time, and who would like to have occasional access to different types of cars (passenger of commercial) from time to time.

The conception of car sharing is not fresh. It comes from the idea of housing cooperatives in Zurich in 1948. But the development of this activity started from 1970 in France and Netherlands. The car sharing club called the Witkar was launched in Amsterdam in 1968 has been working successfully since 1968.

Difference from traditional car rental service

The most convenient feature of carsharing is its freedom from the schedule of car rental bureaus. You can pick up a car and return it to vehicle locations yourself. The cars supposed for car sharing can be rented by any time period - from several minutes to days. All you need to use service is to be a pre-approved to drive ( by attaching your driving licence and any proof of your payment for the rental time). Another interesting difference is in insurance. Car sharing provides just comprehensive and collision insurance, but they do not use personal insurance protection. The rates of car sharing include fuel, but generally cars are not serviced after each use. To maintain or not the its is up to a particular carsharing program.

Car sharing services worldwide

Most popular car sharing service is Car2Go, it operates in many cities of the world. But usually all countries have their own clubs, like Autolib in France or City Car Club in the UK. The biggest number of car sharing clubs is placed in the USA, as the big and the most opened to innovations country. Average fee for 30 minutes of car rent is about 5-7 euro. To get a car at your disposal for a day may cost you 10-15 euros depending on an operator.

Car sharing in Russia

Car sharing is quite new to Russia and the most serious obstacle for the service development is a national mentality, which refuses the idea of sharing a car ( expensive and very intimate property in minds of many locals) with a stranger. Lots of Russians even tend to avoid sharing their cars with relatives or friends. Anyway the conditions of life in big cities (business trips, lacks of parkings, developed subway, occasional needs in cars), as well as the influence of Europe make conservative Russian market to offer such way of car rental. Nowadays there are three active operators. The federal one is They claim to work in any city of Russia, and anyone, who wants to rent a car or to share his/her car may register in the system.

Carsharing Russia